Top Reasons for a Newbie to Prefer Shared Hosting


Newbie bloggers come to this filed with so many things and plans in their mind. Beside that they also come along with some misconceptions as well, and the biggest one among all is the web hosting section. They get stuck between VPS and shared hosting and finally prefer VSP over it. They spend a big amount of money to buy these services, especially if they are provided by some famous companies but they completely ignore the basics from the beginning of their blog.

As a matter of fact VPS hosting is far better than shared hosting but if you are a newbie blogger and have not much experience about blogging then shared hosting would be an appropriate choice for you.

So, there are no such reasons to start your blogging career with VPS hosting. If you are still not satisfied then we have some facts that let you the reasons. Here we are going to discuss that why shared hosting is preferred over VPS hosting for a newbie blogger and we hope that these valid reason will let every new blogger know the importance of shared hosting over VPS in the beginning.

Budget Friendly

Most of the people are just crazy about blogging, but the major intention or reason behind this is to earn lot of money without spending much. In this context, selection of shared hosting over VPS would be beneficial and effective because it's completely budget friendly.

Shared hosting provides with an opportunity to receive unlimited disk space, QuickInstall scripts and Bandwidth.

Easy to Manage

Managing a VPS hosting is kind of difficult task if you are just a beginner without any experience because you will be required to do several things which need some technical knowledge. But when it comes to shared hosting all you need are the few clicks to launch your website and if the service providers provide you with installation of CMS scripts, it will be easier for you to manage.

Technical Support

The complete management of your server through shared hosting is quite easy as compare to VPS. It provides absolutely brilliant technical support so that it becomes very easy for a newbie to fix issues within no time.

After considering all these factors one could easily analyze that how easy and effective it is to use shared hosting if you have just started experiencing blogging.

Social Media Engage

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